Quick Chart to Using your Heart Rate to Maximize your Workout

Below is a simple heart rate chart you can save, print, and bring with you while you workout. It is a great tool to help you target the ideal heart rate and get them most out of your workout!

Hope this helps,
NGR Team

Fitness Tip #1....proper technique is a "MUST" when lifting weights.

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I have been to many gyms in my lifetime, and the one thing that never fails to astonish me is the lack of attention or education that gym members get when it comes to proper technique. In my mind, if the people running the organization do not make it a priority to teach their clients how to use the equipment properly, then the client should demand their money back and never return to that place"ever"again. The risks that can occur in an untrained or unsupervised person are high and the result could do you more "harm" than "good".

The Best Free Workout Spots in LA > Jennifer Cohen for VitalJuice

"Wanna get in shape like the pros do, but can't spare the cash? No problem. We asked 16 trainers for their favorite SoCal spots to exercise for free. From hikes to outdoor mini-gyms to no-charge classes, these fit spots prove that having a hot Hollywood bod doesn't need to cost a thing."

Men and Women

Do men and women need different things when working out? Intuitively, we'd think what works for Jane should work for John. We know, of course, that John will use heavier weights and sprint a little faster but does the workout or diet really need to be all that different?

NGR™ Shoes Exercises of the Week (for work or home)

Many of you have been asking what kind of fun things you can do with your NGR™ Shoes to boost your workout and get closer to that 50% more calorie burn of "up to 50% more". Bearing that in mind we decided to start some Exercises of the Week for our NGR people out there!


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Alright you weekend warriors, Friday is almost here and I thought I'd throw you some homework for Saturday and Sunday - something to keep up the good habits. The good news is that this NGR routine is made to respect the weekend's OFF TIME. It's very simple but very challenging and takes only 16 minutes.

Do these as a circuit (one after the other) 4 times without taking a break or resting. Your jog and your plank will be all the break you need!

"Take a Load....On?" > iVillage

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"...Before I put the NGR shoes on, I figured I’d walk for 10 minutes and get my try-the-shoes obligation over with, but I ended up enjoying a good 45-minute, brisk walking workout. I loved the slight-muscle-burn feeling that I’ve never felt while walking in normal shoes.

Lixin Du’s Thursday DO!

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Lixin Du's Tuesday DO!

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It’s almost summer so NO EXCUSES!

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sun.gifI’m the first to admit that it gets hard to stay on routine during the winter. It’s cold and wet outside, you need to bundle up before doing anything, and everything seems like such a chore. Personally, my urge to hibernate and avoid the outside at all costs goes way up when it’s cold. That can wreak havoc on anyone’s routine if you’re not prepared.

7 Secrets to Lean Abs

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rehan-curl-pic-200x300.jpgTip #1: Do Cardio- By performing cardiovascular work 3-4 times a week, you can burn more calories and increase metabolic rate. This can help lower body fat and allow you to see more definition in your abdominal region.

Dealing with Injury!!!!!

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As we all know injuries are quite common amoungst athletes, weekend warriors, and active people. I would like to take this time to give you a few reasons why injuries happen, and what to do when unfortunatley tissue damage does occur.

Common Causes of Acute Musculoskeletal Injury


Bodyweight Exercises

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Bodyweight excercises are a key element in any workout, NGR or otherwise.   I have a gym full of high end equipment and I use at least one bodyweight move in almost every workout.  For me the most important thing to remember whether it's a squat, lunge, crunch, pushup or any variation of them - is to FOCUS ON THE MUSCLES YOU ARE USING.

If you are squating think about feeling your glutes (Butt) working, if you're  not and just feel your quads (front of the thigh) you're doing them wrong.