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NGR™ Shoes Exercises of the Week (for work or home)

Many of you have been asking what kind of fun things you can do with your NGR™ Shoes to boost your workout and get closer to that 50% more calorie burn of "up to 50% more". Bearing that in mind we decided to start some Exercises of the Week for our NGR people out there!

Fox News interviews Jennifer Cohen about No Gym Required

One on one interview turns into quite a laugh as Jennifer discuss No Gym Required with Rick Leventhal of Fox News!

Customer Review - NGR SHOES

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Thought I would share this customer review with everyone because there are some questions here many other people have been asking:

"I LOVE my NGR sneaks! I got the Lime pair a few months ago in Delray Beach, Florida. Do you sell other weight amount inserts as well? I have the 1.5#/ shoe I think; are there heavier ones I can get, too? Are there other style shoes from NGR or just sneakers?
Thank you SO much, from a serious walker and dance/stretch/yoga addict..."

- Robin V.

Voted the BEST Sneaker for Everyday: NGR SHOES! > VitalJuice

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Great News!

VitalJuice has justed picked NGR SHOES> as the best shoe for everyday use. And who can blame them? All you have to do is wear your NGR's and you burn up to 50% more calories!


No Gym Required™ Tips & Tricks to Improve Eating Habits

It's no secret that if you're looking to lose weight or improve your overall health, the biggest thing you can do is eat properly. Eating plays such a huge role that a proper and healthy diet has been proven to drastically improve overall health and can severely improve or reverse the effects of certain diseases like diabetes!

There is a lesson there for us all.

NGR™ Shoes Featured in Elle Magazine!

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Elle Magazine features NGR Shoes as "Making the most of Summer" product!

(click on attachment below for file)

"Take a Load....On?" > iVillage

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"...Before I put the NGR shoes on, I figured I’d walk for 10 minutes and get my try-the-shoes obligation over with, but I ended up enjoying a good 45-minute, brisk walking workout. I loved the slight-muscle-burn feeling that I’ve never felt while walking in normal shoes.

Kiss and NGR Shoes?

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Gene Simmons, one of the biggest rock stars ever, talks about how gear, guitars, boots,
and leather are the weighted workouts of a rock star.

Good for You! mentions Reebok Easy Tones, Fitflops, and NGR Shoes as must have equivalents!



Are those NGR™ Shoes she is exercising with?

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Found these No Gym Required type exercises provided by More magazine where the model is wearing NGR Shoes! That means she's getting a little more out of her workout by increasing the resistance in her legs and core!

The last exercise (Pilates Obliques) is really maximizing the usefulness of NGRs!

See attachments below.

14 Questions for Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen
Jennifer Cohen, the author of "No Gym Required" and reigning queen of fitness and nutrition in Toronto, offers her advice for a successful get-fit Summer program.

It’s almost summer so NO EXCUSES!

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sun.gifI’m the first to admit that it gets hard to stay on routine during the winter. It’s cold and wet outside, you need to bundle up before doing anything, and everything seems like such a chore. Personally, my urge to hibernate and avoid the outside at all costs goes way up when it’s cold. That can wreak havoc on anyone’s routine if you’re not prepared.

A couple questions from an NGR Shoe customer

shoes_1893-300x150.jpgWe recently got a few questions from an NGR Shoe customer we thought we should share with everyone. Thanks for the questions: keep them coming!

"I Tried It: Weighted Sneakers" - Glamour

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We may not agree on how NGR SHOES look but we certainly agree that they work!