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Celebrity Favorite Butt-Firming Trends highlights NGR Shoes

Filed under: , highlights NGR Shoes as the latest butt-firming fitness trend of people like Courtney Cox and Jennifer Garner. Wow! Look at those NGR Shoes go!

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What's the Buzz? NGR Shoes are Buzzzz-O-Meter Worthy! > US Weekly

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As NGR Shoes start to get more and more celebrity fans guess who is hearing the Buzz? US Weekly features NGR Shoes on its Buzzzz-O-Meter as a great Hot Body tool!



Who hasn’t heard of Wellness shoes? They’re those shoes that do something else like Sketchers Shape-Ups, Earth Shoes, or my company’s NGR Shoes. If you haven’t seen an ad for them yet, you will. They are all becoming extremely popular. The Times even did a piece on the December 7th. And why not! You go about your regular day and burn extra calories engaging your muscles a little more.

"Exercises you can do Anywhere" > Life & Style and Jennifer Cohen

What are some simple things you can do anywhere to get a workout? At the grocery store? While at the beach? Check out this Life & Style article that gives you tricks to working out on the go and gives you the calorie burn for each exercise! And... How to up that calorie burn and get more out of your workout? NGR SHOES of course!

7 Things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your lifestyle

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1 - Do it now / make it regular: Try to integrate fitness in your every day life and make it part of your routine. If your schedule is busy like mine, you need to learn to exercise where ever you are using your environment! The gym is all around you!

E!'s Giuliana Rancic Loves her NGR SHOES!

Did you catch that! Giuliana Rancic loves her NGR Shoes! Great way to burn extra calories, tone your legs and butt, and stay fit within your everday routine.

A real gym on your feet!


Yes, you can use NGR Shoes to workout however we do not recommend you run with them. NGR Shoes are specifically designed for walking and increasing the resistance of a workout. They can be used on the treadmill and are especially effective when used in conjunction with a stair master routine or jumping rope. However, they should not be used for running as running is very high impact and already puts a lot of strain on the body and joint.

"Burn More Calories With Weighted Shoes" > That's Fit interviews Jennifer Cohen

That's Fit interviews Jennifer Cohen to find out how NGR Shoes work to help burn up to 50% more calories. Find out everything you wanted to know about NGR SHOES and how you can use them to get those extra results you've been looking for!

Let me introduce myself to you… > Jennifer Cohen writes for 944

"So with all the excitement of writing my first blog entry for 944, I completely forgot to introduce myself and tell you who I am and what I'm all about! Don't worry; I won't bore you with all the mundane childhood details from when I was 11 at sleep-away camp. I'll try and keep it short and to the point.

NBC & NGR SHOES > A Good Workout

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What's better than being called out as a great way to burn fat by NBC! Here is a little feature of NGR SHOES they did.

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