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What's the Buzz? NGR Shoes are Buzzzz-O-Meter Worthy! > US Weekly

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As NGR Shoes start to get more and more celebrity fans guess who is hearing the Buzz? US Weekly features NGR Shoes on its Buzzzz-O-Meter as a great Hot Body tool!



Who hasn’t heard of Wellness shoes? They’re those shoes that do something else like Sketchers Shape-Ups, Earth Shoes, or my company’s NGR Shoes. If you haven’t seen an ad for them yet, you will. They are all becoming extremely popular. The Times even did a piece on the December 7th. And why not! You go about your regular day and burn extra calories engaging your muscles a little more.

Fox News interviews Jennifer Cohen about No Gym Required

One on one interview turns into quite a laugh as Jennifer discuss No Gym Required with Rick Leventhal of Fox News!

Are those NGR™ Shoes she is exercising with?

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Found these No Gym Required type exercises provided by More magazine where the model is wearing NGR Shoes! That means she's getting a little more out of her workout by increasing the resistance in her legs and core!

The last exercise (Pilates Obliques) is really maximizing the usefulness of NGRs!

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Creativity Killed the Recession covers No Gym Required


Beating the recession starts with your entrepreneurs that choose to break through barriers according to Creativity Killed the Recession.



No Gym Required™ on iVillage

The 19 November 2008 edition of Never Say Diet by iVillage featured Jennifer Cohen and No Gym Required in post entitled Sound as a Dollar: Hire an Entourage-in-a-Box. The coverage called out Jennifer Cohen's book as the, one-stop shop fitness guru to look out for in January 2009. See review here.

Remedy Magazine Puts Jennifer's Tip First

When asked how to change and improve your life, it's clear that NGR™ knows best! Jennifer Cohen speaks about great habits for 2009 and gets picked the first tip of 2009!

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