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Jennifer and Karen laugh it up at A-News

Jennifer shows off the simple NGR home gym.

"The secret to a rock-star bod: burpees" - Globe & Mail and Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen speaks to changing peoples mindsets with the Globe and Mail. 




Jennifer Cohen & Breakfast Television in Central Canada

Jennifer explains how to find a healthy lifestyle without straining the budget.

"NO-GYM WORKOUT HAS GARDEN CITY" - Canstar & Jennifer Cohen

Local hometown paper only too happy to cover Jennifer!



No Gym Required™ & First Canadian Place draws huge turnout!

Jennifer Cohen's February the 10th event at First Canadian Place (FCP) surpassed all expectations by drawing a huge turnout and getting rave reviews from all who attended. The event, which took place in FCP presitguous Gallery, featured Jennifer speaking, some demonstration and advise from her, and a book signing. Jennifer even provided some homework for all attendees to start improving their lives! (see following post)

"Exercise and a healthy diet are the keys to losing weight before a big event" - WebMD

WebMD turns to Jennifer Cohen for advise on healthy habits to lose weight properly. 



"Here's How to Get Hot Without a Gym Membership!" - Seventeen Magazine

Jennifer helps young girls find great habits to feed their bodies and minds with No Gym Required™!



"The Beautiful Body" - Fashion Magazine & Jennifer

Jennifer dicusses what it takes to find the beautiful you and how to improve your life positively No Gym Required™. 






"Turn the World into your Gym" - The LA Times & Jennifer

No Gym Required™'s Jennifer Cohen spends the day at the beach showing Jeanine Stein of the LA Times how to get a rocking body outside with nothing but what's around her, a bucket of sand, and of course, her NGR™ Shoes!




Huffington Post with Jennifer Cohen

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Here are two older articles but a great representation of what No Gym Required™ is all about!

See: Huffington Post gets advice from Jennifer Cohen

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Improving your life and finding time for fitness can be very hard these days. Of course, NGR™ is all about making this easier! See Jennifer discuss how to succeed with a short program:

Article 1: Finding time for Fitness
Article 2: Quick 10 minute workout

New Lifestyle Officer: Jennifer Cohen


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