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Short article from "O" magazine again supporting the benefits of quick effective workouts: as little as 10 minutes a day of walking is enough!

"Researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, reported findings from a study involving 464 women who weren't exercisers. After six months, a group who walked an average of 72 minutes a week at two to three mph—that's about 10 minutes of mall-pace striding a day—had significantly improved heart strength and general fitness, nearly matching the efforts of women exercising almost twice as long.

Remedy Magazine Puts Jennifer's Tip First

When asked how to change and improve your life, it's clear that NGR™ knows best! Jennifer Cohen speaks about great habits for 2009 and gets picked the first tip of 2009!

See Article

MacLean's Magazine on NGR™ Shoes

Rebecca Eckler of MacLean's Magazine talks about her first experience with the NGR™ Shoes: VERY POSITIVE! Click here for to Article

NGR™ on CBC Manitoba

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Jennifer interviewed on CBC Radio Manitoba. Click here for Clip.

WSA Covers NGR™ Shoe

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Quick blurp about our shoes in WSA (World Shoe Association) article.

LINK: WSA October 2008