Dealing with Injury!!!!!

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As we all know injuries are quite common amoungst athletes, weekend warriors, and active people. I would like to take this time to give you a few reasons why injuries happen, and what to do when unfortunatley tissue damage does occur.

Common Causes of Acute Musculoskeletal Injury


Lixin Du - Ab Roller Super Extension

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Bodyweight Exercises

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Bodyweight excercises are a key element in any workout, NGR or otherwise.   I have a gym full of high end equipment and I use at least one bodyweight move in almost every workout.  For me the most important thing to remember whether it's a squat, lunge, crunch, pushup or any variation of them - is to FOCUS ON THE MUSCLES YOU ARE USING.

If you are squating think about feeling your glutes (Butt) working, if you're  not and just feel your quads (front of the thigh) you're doing them wrong.

"Workout on the Go" - Metro and No Gym Required!

Jennifer talks about the NO GYM REQUIRED philosophy and gives a few simple exercise to do while you're traveling. Some helpful tips for the busy body!

Article PDF

4 Exercise ideas from NO GYM REQUIRED

no_gym_required_sm-250x300.jpgExtract from NO GYM REQUIRED: UNLEASH YOUR INNER ROCK STAR

1. Walking Lunges

• How to:With a 5- to 8-pound free weight in each hand, start with feet together, and step forward with one leg out, bending the knee at a right angle, not quite touching the ground. Alternate legs and continue across a distance of at least 30 feet. Do not extend the knee forward past the ankle. This puts excessive and unnecessary strain on the knee. As an added benefit, lunges not only work the entire set of glutes, but it will develop a more beautifully defined pair of legs too.

• Rock Star muscle groups: Quads, glutes, hamstrings, abs/core

• Basic tools: Free weights

• Repetitions per set: Length of room (3 sets). Try for a minimum of 10.

• Level: Gold

• Variation: If you don’t have enough space, i.e., you’re in a hotel room, eliminate the walking element and lunge on the spot.

CTV A News take Jennifer Cohen's No Gym Required Fit Tips

Jennifer Cohen visits A-News to share a few helpful exercises you can do anytime and anywhere. Click on the PDF's below to see the Side Crunch and Lunge Ten Hut: two quick favorites!




What can you do in this "Economy" to stay healthy?

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We are all affected by the state of this economy...so what can you do to remain healthy and not spend a lot of money? Here a few things you can do:

A. Getting your heart pumping does not require any equipment at all. You can jog in your neighborhood, go to your local park or (in bad weather) you can use your indoor staircase...just make sure you check with your doctor before begining any running program.

B. Bands are a great way to get a good workout without investing a lot of money in bulky expensive equipment. Imagination here is the key.


Inner Thigh Workouts


"Turn the World into your Gym" - The LA Times & Jennifer

No Gym Required™'s Jennifer Cohen spends the day at the beach showing Jeanine Stein of the LA Times how to get a rocking body outside with nothing but what's around her, a bucket of sand, and of course, her NGR™ Shoes!




NGR™ Classes now started

First class starts this Saturday the 13th of December - Everything you need to work out



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