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"I dread going to the doctor because they always ask about my exercise habits. How long, what intensity and how often. Does chasing after kids and running them to and fro all day long count? I often feel like I don’t have any extra time in my day to get in a regular exercise routine. Then I heard about No Gym Required Shoes and jumped at the chance to try them!

Customer Review > NGR SHOES > 7 lbs lost in 4 days!

Momma is Sweeping's Miranda reviews NGR Shoes and says "I lost 7 lbs in 4 days and I contribute it to these great shoes." Even we can admit that's huge!

We'd like to congratulate her on her awesome results!

Keep up the good work!

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Customer Review from Ireland > NGR SHOES

Who would have thought - NGR Shoes got a great review from an Irish customer. A loving husband gives his wife the gift of fitness for 2010! We're glad we can help.

"Happy New Year to you and a big thanks for all your help.
My wife finally got to open one of her presents on Christmas which of course was your NGR runners.

Customer book review No Gym Required: Unleash your Inner Rock Star

"I read Jennifer's book back to front and enjoyed it - thank you for delivering it. She has some good exercises in there and good approach to eating. I like the have one night a week that allows cheating and she mentioned a bottle of red wine. That works for me!"

- L.S. (Toronto, Canada)

Wow - What a great customer review!

no_gym_required_sm-250x300.jpgHi Jennifer,

I am now the proud owner of your wonderful book and think it's beyond anything I've read yet as far as nutritional advice, exercise, lifestyle tips, and motivation, etc. I absolutely love the "inner rock star" quips and advice laced throughout and am anxious to now give it to my 12 year old daughter to read because you are the ultimate role model.

Warm regards,


A couple questions from an NGR Shoe customer

shoes_1893-300x150.jpgWe recently got a few questions from an NGR Shoe customer we thought we should share with everyone. Thanks for the questions: keep them coming!

"Book Review: No Gym Required by Jennifer Cohen" - BlogCritics Magazine

No Gym Required: Unleash Your Inner Rockstar is a new entry into the self-help market and despite the whimsy of the title, the book has solid commonsense advice on exercise and nutrition aimed at dispelling the myths surrounding media images of beauty.




Addressing Motivation


A customer recently emailed me because they have lost their motivation (see email below). I kept their name anonymous for obvious reasons but wanted to share their message with you because this issue touches us all at some point or another. More importantly, I think this is one of those things that we can overcome with the right help. See the customer's comment and my reply below:

What's better than a good grade from her Alma Mater.

U of M reviews Jennifer's No Gym Required: Unleash your Inner Rockstar and gives it top grades!




NGR™ Shoes customer review

NGR shoes add so much to my workout! I can't believe the support and comfort. They really cradle my feet during every stride. I think they're the most comfortable shoes I own. And I get the extra calorie burn I crave thanks to the midsole while I head to and from the gym. I have and continue to recommend these shoes to anyone that considers maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I love my shoes!"

- Andrea Young, Ottawa, Canada.

NGR™ Shoes Customer Review!

"I love my NGR shoes! They are comfortable, sporty, and also are helping me finally correct my horrible posture. I love doing some mat exercises with them. I am hoping to see some great results. The NGR team is very dedicated and helpful regardless of the situation. They really do put the customer first and work to make sure you are happy. I had some problems getting my shoes delivered and Laurence from NGR was very kind, patient, and really helped me sort through this mess and get me my shoes. Thank you, Laurence. I am a very happy customer. "