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"If you like watching TV or going shopping, you have heard that the new fitness craze everyone is talking about is the shoes that are literally walking gyms. I do not know how all of the other types of shoes actually work, but I am here today to tell you about shoes that I am familiar with. These are called NGR or, No Gym Required.

I don't know how carefully you read the text above, but there was one part that says "Helps burn up to 50% more calories". Well - I have a fantastic example of how this is SO true!

Customer Review > NGR SHOES > 20 lbs lost since May!

Beat the Scale"I bought your shoes back in May of this year and use them to walk 2-3 miles at least 4 times a week. Since using your shoes and watching my diet, I have lost a total of 20lbs. My legs have more definition and feel so much stronger.

Thanks so much!!

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I was recently a 42 year old out of shape woman and bought my NGR shoes as a lark, not really thinking these shoes could actually help me but hoping they’d do something. It was honestly as easy as putting them on and using them to do errands. I worried about driving with the weights on but quite simply, just adjusted to it.

They are comfortable even with the weights in - it surprised me how quickly I forgot that my shoes were supposed to be "heavy". Soon, I found myself wondering why my legs and my posterior were sore. I literally wore them all day - bringing my son to his activities, going grocery shopping, walking in the park....

Customer Review - NGR SHOES


Received my NGR shoes a couple weeks ago and absolutely love them! I wear them around the house all day, even after I've worked out for the morning. I just wanted to make one comment on sizing of the shoes. I originally ordered a size 7.5, upon your recommendation, since I wear a size 7. However, upon receipt, they still felt short, with my toes touching the tip of the inside of the shoe. I returned the size 7.5, and ordered the size 8, and these fit perfectly.

Mandeville, LA

Customer Review - NGR SHOES

Another great review!

Hey Laurence!!

Customer Review - NGR SHOES

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Thought I would share this customer review with everyone because there are some questions here many other people have been asking:

"I LOVE my NGR sneaks! I got the Lime pair a few months ago in Delray Beach, Florida. Do you sell other weight amount inserts as well? I have the 1.5#/ shoe I think; are there heavier ones I can get, too? Are there other style shoes from NGR or just sneakers?
Thank you SO much, from a serious walker and dance/stretch/yoga addict..."

- Robin V.