NGR™ Services


How would your company like to do its part?

Whether your goal is to add value to your customer interaction or improve the health of employees and management, No Gym Required™ Corporate Programs are there to help improve motivation by integrating health & fitness into your corporate structure. The benefits are obvious: improve health makes not only a happier customer, but a more productive and motivated employee.

Each No Gym Required™ Corporate Program is built to satisfy your company’s goals and fit within your budget. Our out-of-the-box and fully customized solutions include:

  • Motivational talks with easy to implement solutions.
  • Set up and manage in-house facilities.
  • Bundle products and services to get your target group interested and moving.
  • Back-office services and program tweaks to current programs.
  • Implement proactive plans to improve employee health and fitness.
  • Brand-supporting fitness-based activities to increase the “interest” in your company.

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What will help your team make the change?

How to keep fit on a busy schedule? Working out on a budget. Tips and tricks to staying fit while on the road. How to balancing work, personal life, and a healthy lifestyle? Exercise and nutrition strategies.

No Gym Required™ Seminars & Speaking Engagements are made to satisfy two goals: education and motivation. Lead by Jennifer Cohen, our team of health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle professional will work with you to determine the realities of your people and create an engagement that meets these needs. Events range for one-hour lunch-and-learns, to demonstration, to full day workshops.

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No Gym Required™ Consulting Services are our solution for those that have budgetary constraints or feel confident they can implement internally. Our team of health, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle professional are there to help you answer your questions about how well your programs are doing, why they are not getting the results you want, or how to improve them.

Each engagement starts with an initial interview, followed by a needs assessment and project outline. Once you are satisfied No Gym Required™ Consulting Services are heading in the right direction and are within budget, we’re off!

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Some of us need some hands on help – no question. We can address this through our vast network of health professionals and best-in-class facilities.

No Gym Required™ Personal Training is for those of us that like a little more active management and can use someone to report to. Let us help you find a trainer you feel comfortable and motivated to work with - in your area. Whether for a one-time consultation, occasional check-ins, or more involved actively managed programs, No Gym Required™ Personal Training is our resources for you.

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