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Jennifer Cohen, President and CEO
Jennifer-headshot.jpgJennifer is recognized in the health & fitness industry for her unique approach to exercise and the results she brings. Her many accomplishments include being global spokesperson for world class brands including Nike and LaSenza Spirit, developing and managing fitness programs for leading fitness clubs such as Toronto’s Yorkville Club, and working with celebrities and top brass of corporations like BMG and Universal. Jennifer is now directing her extensive knowledge to helping individuals improve their lifestyle through No Gym Required. Jennifer is from Winnipeg, Canada and she has degrees in Psychology from the University of Manitoba, a Masters in Sports Marketing, and numerous fitness certifications.

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Laurence Isaac, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer
Laurence-headshot.jpgA rebel by heart, Laurence is an impassioned entrepreneur who isn't happy unless what he is doing is new and challenging. From the onset of his career, he has taken part in the creation of new businesses ranging from new corporate divisions to entirely new companies. Taking his roots in management consulting, Laurence has worked with leading organizations in private equity, retail, telecommunication, finance, and manufacturing to help them uncover opportunities and develop markets. His clients have included leading Toronto-based private equity and advisory firms, companies like Rogers and HBC, mid-sized companies like Druide and Avmor, and one-person start-ups. What does he enjoy the most besides building a new company? Helping Founders and Senior Management realize their goals, identify and target opportunities, and ultimately realize their full potential. Most recently he co-founded No Gym Required, a health and fitness company selling patented technology fitness footwear that helps people burn more calories with every step! A Montreal-native, he has an MBA from the John Molson School of Business and a BA in Political Science from Concordia

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Very cool, I really enjoyed

Very cool, I really enjoyed it. Do you know of somewhere I can read more about it?.