NGR™ Lifestyle Officers

Matthew Bennet

Athletic Therapist, Ontario

Matt works with the NHL team the Toronto Maple Leafs’ as the team’s strength coach. A certified athletic therapist with the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association, Matt received his bachelor of applied health science from the Sheridan Institute and his diploma in contemporary medical acupuncture from McMaster University. Matt spent the previous three seasons with the American Hockey League’s Toronto Marlies, the MLB’s Toronto Blue Jays, the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts, and the NHL's Ottawa Senators.

Adam Ernster

Trainer & Life Coach, Los Angeles

A NYC native, Adam is passionate about creating lean and functional fitness facilities that help people achieve exception results. He started his fitness career at CRUNCH and quickly became the Head Trainer of their 59th street and 13th street locations. From there, Adam because head trainer at Complete Body and then a founding partner of Evolution Studio in SOHO. While visiting Los Angeles years ago, Adam had a career defining moment when he met renowned celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson. 3 years later, after working side by side with Gunnar Peterson, Adam decided it was time to go off on his own. Today, Adam owns and operates “The Bunker” in the heart of Beverly Hills 90210. This 2500 square feet facility represents Adam’s ideal of a fitness studio. With state-of-the-art equipment, biometric access, and an only one client at a time philosophy, “The Bunker” is designed to handle the extremely private and security requirements of the numerous Oscar, Emmy and Grammy winning artists he trains. Adam is very pleased to share his extensive knowledge and expertise on functional and effective workouts with No Gym Required™!

Rehan Jalali

Sports Nutritionist, Los Angeles

Rehan Jalali is President of the Supplement Research Foundation ( He is a nationally recognized Certified Sports Nutritionist (C.S.N.) who has developed over 100 cutting edge products for the dietary supplement industry. He has hundreds of nationally and internationally published articles on nutrition and supplementation in virtually every health and fitness magazine.Rehan has worked with many Olympic and professional athletes including Gold medalists. His clients include Oscar® winning actors, Emmy® award winning TV stars, and Grammy® winning musicians. Rehan is the author of several books including “The Six Pack Diet Plan” and the “Sports Supplement Buyers Guide”. He is a natural bodybuilder who has appeared on ESPN. He is a member of the American Medical Writers Association.

Eraldo Maglara

Trainer, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia

eraldo-thumb.jpgEraldo has had a passion for fitness since the age of 17. His quality as a trainer is founded on his ability to share the discipline he has with his own exercise regimen and his success in encouraging others to do the same. The pleasure and joy he derives from helping people achieving their fitness goal is the most rewarding feeling he experiences as a personal trainer. He is proud to work in his home state of New Jersey, and excited by the opportunity to serve his neighbors in New York and Philly!

My philosophy is very simple: The more you learn and take care of your body…the better it will take care of you in the future.

Eraldo is NSCA-CPT certified and is a NPTI Graduate.

Natalie Yco

Group Trainer, Los Angeles

Natalie started her life struggling with serious asthma and became very motivated to overcome the ailment. She was so adamant about overcoming the asthma that she started working out intensely, doing martial arts, and wrestling professionally! Today, with 13 years of experience, hundreds of classes, thousands of students, and videos behind her, Natalie is well known across Los Angeles for her very exciting, high energy classes that focus on simple top-notch workouts. Her cardio kickboxing, booty and abdominal, and spin classes are always filled to capacity because of her unique ability to get people to give 100% each and every time. No matter what level of fitness her students are, Natalie’s students always excel above and beyond their expectations and achieve their goals - just like she did herself. That’s why her attendees include Jodie Foster, Drew Barrymore, Emmy Rossum, and Hilary Swank!