A new way of thinking: No Gym Required™

Everything NGR™ / No Gym Required™ from our toning shoes, to fitness packs, to workout routines, to tips and tricks, to food advice, to instructional materials, to our services, are designed to help you look at the world in a different way. To look at your lifestyle choices within a new way of thinking!

Our mission?

At NGR™, our mission is to help anyone and everyone improve their lives through health and fitness by making it affordable and easy. We envision building a world where people workout at home, at the office, on airplanes, while travelling, at a friend’s, with friends in a club, whenever and wherever the mood strikes. Our commitment is to be there for you and find ways for all of you to accomplish your goals within budget. Your commitment to us is to take the necessary steps to make it possible!

Take our flagship product, our best-in-class toning shoe, the NGR Shoe. It's the most versatile workout shoe on the market; purpose built to help you find the best possible version of yourself!


NGR Shoes use weights! It's that simple. Put the weights in and each shoe weighs between 1.5 and 3 lbs more depending on shoe size. The weights turn your NGR Shoes into a veritable piece of fitness equipment. Take the weights out and you have an everyday cross trainer. Good for anything from running to playing sports with your friends. Now that's a toning shoe!

What else?

NGR Shoes are the only toning shoes and workout shoes you can use to walk, do stairs, bike, AND engage in some HARDCORE training. Jump Frog up a stadium, do high-knees across the field, do football drills like laterals or shuffles, do jumping-jacks, burpees, and jump-rope and SUPERSIZE your routine!

What not to do?

The only thing you should avoid with NGR Shoes is running. Why? Well, when you run each foot hits the ground with a force equal to 3-6 times your body weight (versus 1-3 x when walking). Toning shoes aren't really designed to handle this and, truthfully, there is no need to increase the impact there! Trust us. The ideal shoes for running are light running shoes with great support. For everything else there is NGR Shoes!

Where to get them?

We are available at a variety of boutiques in Canada and the U.S. (we're always happy to find more boutiques so long as they're experts in footwear). For those areas that aren't covered, come online and buy from our partners or us at our online store.

Yes, but what else?

Okay, okay, you got us. Take a closer look at our online store you'll find a variety of tools and technologies to help you get in shape. Not only do we have programs and videos, we have other amazing products like the Polar heart rate monitors to turn working out into a science and the NGR Travel Gym to turn working out into something you can do anywhere!

That's one small step for you, one BIG step for weight loss!

NGR™ / No Gym Required™ Team.
Anytime. Anywhere. No Excuses.