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"Here's How to Get Hot Without a Gym Membership!" - Seventeen Magazine

Jennifer helps young girls find great habits to feed their bodies and minds with No Gym Required™!



"Comfort Brands Emphasize Wellness" - Footwear's News

No Gym Required's™ book and shoes get covered as a real wellness solutions!



"The Beautiful Body" - Fashion Magazine & Jennifer

Jennifer dicusses what it takes to find the beautiful you and how to improve your life positively No Gym Required™. 






Canadian Press Release > No Gym Required™: Unleash your Inner Rock Star

No Gym Required™: Unleash your Inner Rock Star press release annouces Jennifer Cohen's new book and the Toronto Leg of her Canadian book tour.

Toronto Event
February 10th, 2009, 12:00 pm

"Turn the World into your Gym" - The LA Times & Jennifer

No Gym Required™'s Jennifer Cohen spends the day at the beach showing Jeanine Stein of the LA Times how to get a rocking body outside with nothing but what's around her, a bucket of sand, and of course, her NGR™ Shoes!




No Gym Required™ on iVillage

The 19 November 2008 edition of Never Say Diet by iVillage featured Jennifer Cohen and No Gym Required in post entitled Sound as a Dollar: Hire an Entourage-in-a-Box. The coverage called out Jennifer Cohen's book as the, one-stop shop fitness guru to look out for in January 2009. See review here. gets advice from Jennifer Cohen

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Improving your life and finding time for fitness can be very hard these days. Of course, NGR™ is all about making this easier! See Jennifer discuss how to succeed with a short program:

Article 1: Finding time for Fitness
Article 2: Quick 10 minute workout

Remedy Magazine Puts Jennifer's Tip First

When asked how to change and improve your life, it's clear that NGR™ knows best! Jennifer Cohen speaks about great habits for 2009 and gets picked the first tip of 2009!

See Article

MacLean's Magazine on NGR™ Shoes

Rebecca Eckler of MacLean's Magazine talks about her first experience with the NGR™ Shoes: VERY POSITIVE! Click here for to Article

NGR™ on CBC Manitoba

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Jennifer interviewed on CBC Radio Manitoba. Click here for Clip.

WSA Covers NGR™ Shoe

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Quick blurp about our shoes in WSA (World Shoe Association) article.

LINK: WSA October 2008

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