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"Green Exercise: No-Gym-Required Workout in the Park" > planet green

Laurel House of planet green covers a great and green NO GYM REQUIRED workout.

"Yes, bikini-bodies are part of the summertime equation, but you can fit into beach form with a green exercise routine that requires no equipment other than a park bench and swing."

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NGR™ Shoes Featured in Elle Magazine!

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Elle Magazine features NGR Shoes as "Making the most of Summer" product!

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"Take a Load....On?" > iVillage

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"...Before I put the NGR shoes on, I figured I’d walk for 10 minutes and get my try-the-shoes obligation over with, but I ended up enjoying a good 45-minute, brisk walking workout. I loved the slight-muscle-burn feeling that I’ve never felt while walking in normal shoes.

Kiss and NGR Shoes?

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Gene Simmons, one of the biggest rock stars ever, talks about how gear, guitars, boots,
and leather are the weighted workouts of a rock star.

Good for You! mentions Reebok Easy Tones, Fitflops, and NGR Shoes as must have equivalents!



Are those NGR™ Shoes she is exercising with?

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Found these No Gym Required type exercises provided by More magazine where the model is wearing NGR Shoes! That means she's getting a little more out of her workout by increasing the resistance in her legs and core!

The last exercise (Pilates Obliques) is really maximizing the usefulness of NGRs!

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CTV A News take Jennifer Cohen's No Gym Required Fit Tips

Jennifer Cohen visits A-News to share a few helpful exercises you can do anytime and anywhere. Click on the PDF's below to see the Side Crunch and Lunge Ten Hut: two quick favorites!




Creativity Killed the Recession covers No Gym Required


Beating the recession starts with your entrepreneurs that choose to break through barriers according to Creativity Killed the Recession.



Book Tour Schedule

London, Ontario
Chapters South London on Wellington
Saturday March 28
1pm to 3pm

Toronto, Ontario
Indigo Yorkdale Mall
Sunday March 29
2pm to 4pm

Ottawa, Ontario
Chapters South Keys
Friday April 3
7pm to 8:30pm

Vita Spy: Jennifer Cohen

A little sneak peak at what Jennifer likes to do in Los Angeles!




"I Tried It: Weighted Sneakers" - Glamour

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We may not agree on how NGR SHOES look but we certainly agree that they work!