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I don’t know about you but when I grab my iPod and go for a run and find out the battery is dead my motivation to workout is disappears! No question, music is a HUGE motivator for exercise. Not only will thinking about listening to great tracks get you pumped up for your workout, but the tunes themselves can actually help you increase your workout intensity and duration to get better results.

Jennifer Cohen's Workout Mix

We all know that nothing helps you get the most out of your workout than a killer song. To help you pick the right tune, No Gym Required: Unleash your Inner Rock Star has made its mixes available on our blog!

Get the whole mix or pick and choose the songs you want!

Each of the 4 mixes is created by Jennifer Cohen herself and is guaranteed to help you maximize your workout and keep you pumped as you get in shape. 

Check out the iTunes logo on the right to take a listen.