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Canadian Press Release > No Gym Required™: Unleash your Inner Rock Star

No Gym Required™: Unleash your Inner Rock Star press release annouces Jennifer Cohen's new book and the Toronto Leg of her Canadian book tour.

Toronto Event
February 10th, 2009, 12:00 pm

"Turn the World into your Gym" - The LA Times & Jennifer

No Gym Required™'s Jennifer Cohen spends the day at the beach showing Jeanine Stein of the LA Times how to get a rocking body outside with nothing but what's around her, a bucket of sand, and of course, her NGR™ Shoes!




Huffington Post with Jennifer Cohen

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Here are two older articles but a great representation of what No Gym Required™ is all about!

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New Lifestyle Officer: Jennifer Cohen


See Jen's website to get her full

MacLean's Magazine on NGR™ Shoes

Rebecca Eckler of MacLean's Magazine talks about her first experience with the NGR™ Shoes: VERY POSITIVE! Click here for to Article