Adam Ernster

Denise Richards loves her NGR Jet Setters!

Denise Richards is at the Bunker with Adam Ernster getting ready to shoot her new workout line BL for HSN and what shoes is she wearing? That's right, the NGR Jet Setters!

Check out her Tweet and her pics below. Looking great with her new workout shoes - matches her outfit!

Why is No Gym Required in the Most Private Gym in Los Angeles

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the-bunker.jpgHi Guys– as my bio says I own the most private gym in Los Angeles. Over the years I have trained dozens of household name clients and other “movers and shakers” I’m not easy or cheap to see. Needless to say people often ask me why I would have a book entitled No Gym Required prominently displayed in here. A pretty fair question considering what I do, but the answer is easy: Her message is right.

Bodyweight Exercises

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Bodyweight excercises are a key element in any workout, NGR or otherwise.   I have a gym full of high end equipment and I use at least one bodyweight move in almost every workout.  For me the most important thing to remember whether it's a squat, lunge, crunch, pushup or any variation of them - is to FOCUS ON THE MUSCLES YOU ARE USING.

If you are squating think about feeling your glutes (Butt) working, if you're  not and just feel your quads (front of the thigh) you're doing them wrong.

New Lifestyle Officer: Adam Ernster

A NYC native, Adam is passionate about creating lean and functional fitness facilities that help people achieve exception results. He started his fitness career at CRUNCH and quickly became the Head Trainer of their 59th street and 13th street locations. From there, Adam because head trainer at Complete Body and then a founding partner of Evolution Studio in SOHO.