NGR™ Lifestyle Officers

Neck, Shoulder, or Back Pain? Think about your Thoracic Spine

Unfortunately for all those with neck, shoulder, and back pain due to poor posture, the initial cause of our pains is..... gravity. However, while we can not yet escape the torments of gravity, our sedentary lifestyle continually exacerbates these postural problems when we sit all day at a desk, in front of the computer, or in front of a TV.

New Lifestyle Officer: Luke Sniewski

Luke Sniewski is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Personal Trainer. His entrepreneurial nature drives him to seek new and revolutionary solutions within the fitness industry. Sniewski has trained clients from every kind of background in every gym setting.. Changing the lifestyle and attacking the real issues is an approach that allows clients to make real long-term changes in their lives without falling back into the patterns that created the problems in the first place.

New Lifestyle Officer: Rehan Jalali

Rehan Jalali is President of the Supplement Research Foundation (

New Lifestyle Officer: Adam Ernster

A NYC native, Adam is passionate about creating lean and functional fitness facilities that help people achieve exception results. He started his fitness career at CRUNCH and quickly became the Head Trainer of their 59th street and 13th street locations. From there, Adam because head trainer at Complete Body and then a founding partner of Evolution Studio in SOHO.

A reality: It take 3 months.

With the recent growth of NGR and increasing demands on my schedule I've found it increasingly difficult to manage my lifestyle. Before I could neatly fit at least 1 hour of exercise into my day and it was effortless. It didn't require any thought. Now I'm off the wagon.

What does that mean?

New Lifestyle Officer: Natalie Yco

BIO: Natalie started her life struggling with serious asthma and became very motivated to overcome the ailment. She was so adamant about overcoming the asthma that she started working out intensely, doing martial arts, and wrestling professionally! Today, with 13 years of experience, hundreds of classes, thousands of students, and videos behind her, Natalie is well known across Los Angeles for her very exciting, high energy classes that focus on simple top-notch workouts.

New Lifestyle Officer: Chad Conte

BIO: If you're looking to improve your self-defense and discover your personal limits, Chad is the trainer for you. At 4 years old, Chad began his lifelong passion for martial arts and began learning a variety of genres. His studies brought him to learn under such world class masters as Jeff Brown, Eddie Bravo, and Guru Dan Inosanto - Bruce Lee's former student. Thus far, Chad's career highlights include placing 3rd in the world in Jujitsu, being a top trainer at Equinox, and successfully trained with the U.S.

New Lifestyle Officer: Jennifer Cohen


See Jen's website to get her full

New Lifestyle Officer: Matthew Bennett

BIO: Matt works with the NHL team the Ottawa Senators' as the team's athletic therapist. A certified athletic therapist with the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association, Matt received his bachelor of applied health science from the Sheridan Institute and his diploma in contemporary medical acupuncture from McMaster University. Matt spent the previous three seasons with the American Hockey League's Toronto Marlies, the MLB's Toronto Blue Jays, and the CFL's Toronto Argonauts.