Men and Women

Do men and women need different things when working out? Intuitively, we'd think what works for Jane should work for John. We know, of course, that John will use heavier weights and sprint a little faster but does the workout or diet really need to be all that different?

Who doesn’t like to people watch? > 944 Magazine

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It's true. I love people watching. It’s probably my favorite past time. We all think everyone does it once in a while but I think it is actually up there as one of America’s favorite past times. Probably right next to baseball...well, close to it anyway. Certainly if the boys are out looking at the baseball game, the girls are right next to them observing the other fans as much as the players on the field!

So what is people watching and why do we do it?

Times "Why Exercise Won't Make you Thin" put in Question

John Cloud's recent Times cover story article on exercise has certainly gotten a lot of attention. It makes the case for exercise NOT contributing to weight loss in any significant way. Go figure. All of us preaching that a consistent regimen of exercise with proper eating habits lead to improved weight management and improved overall health all for naught...

The POWER of INTERVAL TRAINING: Less than 10 minutes = hours of training.

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This is a great article I found in the New York Times about the power of using interval training to get in shape. It’s no secret, less than 10 minutes of yields the same benefits of hours of training.

Can You Get Fit in Six Minutes a Week?

14 Questions for Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen
Jennifer Cohen, the author of "No Gym Required" and reigning queen of fitness and nutrition in Toronto, offers her advice for a successful get-fit Summer program.

Article of the Day

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Short article from "O" magazine again supporting the benefits of quick effective workouts: as little as 10 minutes a day of walking is enough!

"Researchers at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, reported findings from a study involving 464 women who weren't exercisers. After six months, a group who walked an average of 72 minutes a week at two to three mph—that's about 10 minutes of mall-pace striding a day—had significantly improved heart strength and general fitness, nearly matching the efforts of women exercising almost twice as long.

Article of the Day

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The benefits of working out are increasingly proven to bring benefits from just feeling better to improving overall health.


"Of course, we still want to look good in our clothes, and yes, even in a swimsuit. But mostly we want to be fit and healthy to avoid diseases that are associated with poor diet and lack of exercise. Studies have shown that lack of exercise and poor diet can cause obesity, low energy and depression.