No Gym Required's Jennifer Cohen Shows People How to Get Fit At Muscle Milk's Fitness Retreat

"Muscle Milk Fitness Retreat Puts Emphasis on Interaction Over Freebies

Can lifting weights alone help you burn those extra pounds? I don't think so.....

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I received an interesting call the other day from a husband who really wanted to help his wife get back into shape. As I patiently awaited for the opportunity to ask him some general questions, he pointed out to me three specific details about his spouse: A) That she needed to lose at least 70 lbs. B) That all she really needed was the use of some dumbbells and C) She has never exercised before. Also, pointed out to me that he was very tight with his budget and assumed that a few sessions should do the trick for her.

FoxNews suggests NGR Shoes to Sneak Attack those extra pounds!

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"Sneak Attack! Did you know that your sneakers can actually help you lose pounds? It's true! NGR's weighted shoes add resistance, engage your core and tone up your lower body which helps burns up to 50 percent more calories. Check out them out here."

Yahoo! Health endorses NGR SHOES!

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No Gym Required™ on Better TV

Jennifer Cohen speaks with Audra Lowe of Better.TV about living a healthy & fit No Gym Required lifestyle. Of course, NGR Shoes are always part of a smart lifestyle choice because they are a simple and seamless way to burn those extra calories!

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