No Gym Required™ & First Canadian Place draws huge turnout!

Jennifer Cohen's February the 10th event at First Canadian Place (FCP) surpassed all expectations by drawing a huge turnout and getting rave reviews from all who attended. The event, which took place in FCP presitguous Gallery, featured Jennifer speaking, some demonstration and advise from her, and a book signing. Jennifer even provided some homework for all attendees to start improving their lives! (see following post)

Dana McCauley's Food Blog covers No Gym Required™

Who can ask for a better review than from Dana's food blog!



NGR™ Shoes Customer Review!

"I love my NGR shoes! They are comfortable, sporty, and also are helping me finally correct my horrible posture. I love doing some mat exercises with them. I am hoping to see some great results. The NGR team is very dedicated and helpful regardless of the situation. They really do put the customer first and work to make sure you are happy. I had some problems getting my shoes delivered and Laurence from NGR was very kind, patient, and really helped me sort through this mess and get me my shoes. Thank you, Laurence. I am a very happy customer. "

"Exercise and a healthy diet are the keys to losing weight before a big event" - WebMD

WebMD turns to Jennifer Cohen for advise on healthy habits to lose weight properly. 



"Here's How to Get Hot Without a Gym Membership!" - Seventeen Magazine

Jennifer helps young girls find great habits to feed their bodies and minds with No Gym Required™!



"Comfort Brands Emphasize Wellness" - Footwear's News

No Gym Required's™ book and shoes get covered as a real wellness solutions!



"The Beautiful Body" - Fashion Magazine & Jennifer

Jennifer dicusses what it takes to find the beautiful you and how to improve your life positively No Gym Required™. 






Canadian Press Release > No Gym Required™: Unleash your Inner Rock Star

No Gym Required™: Unleash your Inner Rock Star press release annouces Jennifer Cohen's new book and the Toronto Leg of her Canadian book tour.

Toronto Event
February 10th, 2009, 12:00 pm

"Turn the World into your Gym" - The LA Times & Jennifer

No Gym Required™'s Jennifer Cohen spends the day at the beach showing Jeanine Stein of the LA Times how to get a rocking body outside with nothing but what's around her, a bucket of sand, and of course, her NGR™ Shoes!




Huffington Post with Jennifer Cohen

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Here are two older articles but a great representation of what No Gym Required™ is all about!

See: Huffington Post

No Gym Required™ on iVillage

The 19 November 2008 edition of Never Say Diet by iVillage featured Jennifer Cohen and No Gym Required in post entitled Sound as a Dollar: Hire an Entourage-in-a-Box. The coverage called out Jennifer Cohen's book as the, one-stop shop fitness guru to look out for in January 2009. See review here.