"Exercise on Sand for Added Burn" - South Florida Sun Sentinel

Florida sun and beach is not just for tanning and lounging!


"Healthy Dose Link Time" - Fitsugar

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FitSugar shares a few links!


"Book Review: No Gym Required by Jennifer Cohen" - BlogCritics Magazine

No Gym Required: Unleash Your Inner Rockstar is a new entry into the self-help market and despite the whimsy of the title, the book has solid commonsense advice on exercise and nutrition aimed at dispelling the myths surrounding media images of beauty.




Addressing Motivation


A customer recently emailed me because they have lost their motivation (see email below). I kept their name anonymous for obvious reasons but wanted to share their message with you because this issue touches us all at some point or another. More importantly, I think this is one of those things that we can overcome with the right help. See the customer's comment and my reply below:

"Jennifer Cohen promotes her No Gym Required lifestyle solutions" - The Jewish Tribune

A great reveiw of Jennifer's approach and how she hopes to help people take positive steps towards health.


"Celebrity trainer makes Keeping Fit simple" - Edmonton Sun and Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen goes back-to-basics with the Edmonton Sun.


What's better than a good grade from her Alma Mater.

U of M reviews Jennifer's No Gym Required: Unleash your Inner Rockstar and gives it top grades!




NGR™ Shoes customer review

NGR shoes add so much to my workout! I can't believe the support and comfort. They really cradle my feet during every stride. I think they're the most comfortable shoes I own. And I get the extra calorie burn I crave thanks to the midsole while I head to and from the gym. I have and continue to recommend these shoes to anyone that considers maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I love my shoes!"

- Andrea Young, Ottawa, Canada.

CTV News at Noon covers NO GYM REQUIRED















Leanne enjoying Jen's talk about working out for your body type.

Jennifer and Karen laugh it up at A-News

Jennifer shows off the simple NGR home gym.

"The secret to a rock-star bod: burpees" - Globe & Mail and Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen speaks to changing peoples mindsets with the Globe and Mail. 




Jennifer Cohen & Breakfast Television in Central Canada

Jennifer explains how to find a healthy lifestyle without straining the budget.

"NO-GYM WORKOUT HAS GARDEN CITY" - Canstar & Jennifer Cohen

Local hometown paper only too happy to cover Jennifer!