Your Fitness Personality

I bet everyone out there has taken a Myers-Briggs test or one of those fun online personality-type quizzes. You know the kind I’m talking about - the quizzes that give you a round of options for your favorite weekend activity, what you love to do with friends, and what your ideal date would be. But did you know that the answers to these quizzes - your real personality type - influences how you work out?

There's a definite correlation between the two. Who you are might even determine whether you stay fit at all and whether you have the discipline to stick to a routine every week. So understanding your personality type and where you fall on the spectrum can inform your workout patterns and ultimately help you get the best results possible.

I've noticed that the ways people work out with me are very similar to the kind of personalities they have. If they are go-getters with type-A personalities, they're very driven, intense, and focused people. Lots of go-getters are tennis players or athletes who like to run marathons or triathlons to achieve a goal. They like intense workouts like kickboxing.

Here are some personality types and exercises that will work well for each type. Can you find yours?

• The Planner

You're very organized and like to know what's going to happen next, when it can happen, and what you can expect from it. Because of this, you have a set exercise routine that you stick to like clockwork. That's good because you won't skip workouts, but you may not see notable improvements in your fitness level because you always follow the same exercise schedule. Try sprinkling one new activity per week in with your usual routine.

• The Sailboat

You're more flexible than a Planner, but you still see the need for routine sometimes. You're often in a good mood and happy to try whatever's happening at the moment. Group exercise is great for you, as you'll perform better when there's a social aspect to your workouts. Try biking groups, fitness classes, or jogging with friends. Avoid exercising by yourself.

• The Winner

You thrive on competition and are motivated by victory and challenging yourself. You tend to be a little hot-headed and intense and like to blow off steam by doing high-energy activities. Find tasks you can repeat through the course of a workout schedule to monitor your progress and achieve noticeable goals. Training with a buddy who's just as competitive as you are will motivate you to try harder and get results.

• The Go-Getter

You're a type-A personality who loves being social. You're motivated by emotion and shouldn't exercise alone because you thrive on contact with others. For you, group exercise or workouts with a trainer are the best options. Try high-energy fitness classes, running groups, or regular exercise with your friends.

• The Jack-in-the-Box

You're the opposite of a Planner because you can't stand routines. Instead, you love to be spontaneous and need constant engagement and amusement to stay interested in what you're doing. The best workout plan for you should serve up a lot of variety. Include lots of new exercises, classes, and activities in what you do every week so that you won't get bored with the same thing all the time.

Got your workout style? If not, do a little more research into your personality type and try exercises that are more attuned to who you are as a person. If you're laid-back and quiet, you don't have to sweat nonstop for two hours at the gym every day - do something that's more your style! You'll feel great, and your body will thank you.