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"No Gym Required is certainly in a league of their own after just the initial look & feel. I personally like heavy shoes. My feet feel less stressed and for some reason i just feel better. NGR shoes weigh 1-3 pounds heavier (depending on sizes) and come with inserts you can replace the weights with to wear as regular shoes. I have yet to replace mine. I absolutely love the shoes. I feel great in mine. I instantly feel taller, slimmer, and just an all round great inner feeling. I do notice muscle movement more in my thighs, calves, and butt.

My husband even noticed i had not touched my sandals in a while. I usually wear them 24/7 because they are just so easy to slip on. However i wake up and i don’t care if i am sitting here blogging, i will put my NGR shoes on right away. That way, they are on and all through the day i have them on and i feel like i am taking a better step at life just with having them on. Laundry, dishes, getting the mail, cleaning, etc.; simple daily routines."