Pickle juice and muscle soreness???

For as long as I can remember, those that are in the know have been drinking pickle juice after they workout. Sounds strange huh. Finishing a killer workout or an intense game and sitting down to a few pickles and some brine. I use to think it was just an excuse to hit the pub but modern research seems to agree with these witch doctors of sports medicine.

Perhaps in an attempt to justify this strange ritual, Brigham Young University in Utah test the effects of pickle juice on the body: Specifically the effects of drinking the pickle juice after inducing a cramp. What did they find? Incredibly:

  • Drinking pickle juice relieves cramping 45% faster than drinking nothing.
  • Drinking pickle juice relieves cramping 37% faster than water.
  • The effects of drinking pickle juice was felt around 85 seconds after drinking only 2.5 oz of pickle juice.
  • They didn't really know why it works!

Well there you have it. The secret is out. The most athletic people I know hit the pub after intense exercise to make sure they won't have to pay for it the next day. I thought it was about the pub but the whole time it was about the pickles and deviled eggs; about reducing muscle soreness. That works out for me because I LOVE pickles!


Pickle Juice

Thanks for the tip! Will definitely try this cause I hate being sore (+ I love pickles so this is a no brainer for me).