New A.C.E. study finds that some toning shoes yield insignifant results and recommends adding weight instead. Hello NGR!

A study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise, the nonprofit body that certifies fitness professional, finds that some toning shoes have the same impact on heart rate, VO2 Max, and calories burned as regular running shoes. What do they recommend to instead to "Rev Up Your Walking Workout"? Basically carrying extra weight. Read below:

"Want to burn more calories and tone your muscles while you walk? Instead of spending hundreds on “toning shoes,” simply carry a pair of handweights. By pumping your arms actively as you walk, you’ll boost the intensity of your workout, toning muscles and burning extra calories in the process. If you want to take it one step further, ACE’s Chief Science Officer Cedric Bryant Ph.D., recommends wearing a weighted vest (of up to 10% of your total bodyweight) to provide your walking workout an even bigger boost."

Or, if you prefer, wearing NGR Shoes!