Neck, Shoulder, or Back Pain? Think about your Thoracic Spine

Unfortunately for all those with neck, shoulder, and back pain due to poor posture, the initial cause of our pains is..... gravity. However, while we can not yet escape the torments of gravity, our sedentary lifestyle continually exacerbates these postural problems when we sit all day at a desk, in front of the computer, or in front of a TV.

Appropriately addressing these symptoms of pain means addressing the root of the problem, which is often times the immobility of the thoracic spine. When the thoracic spine lacks the necessary range of motion to complete a simple task, such as turning your head to see something, that motion is transferred from the thoracic spine to the cervical spine (thus causing neck pain), or to the lumbar spine (for different simple tasks, which would cause low back pain). Mobilizing the thoracic spine helps alleviate neck pains, low back pains, shoulder impingement, and many other postural distortions.

A few simple tricks is to stretch your back, neck, and shoulders every few hours to stay limber and regularly do exercises that target these areas. Long periods of inactivity can really aggravate the problem - that's why we often get the worst neck or back problem when just waking up!

These lessons are extremely important for business professionals. Certified Public Accountant and Fitness Coach Luke Sniewski combines his experience in two drastically different industries to educate business professionals on the relationship between physical well-being and workplace productivity.