Mama Loves her Bargains Valentines Day Gift Idea: NGR Shoes!

"Yes, of course I love shoes. How can I not? I haven't met many women who don't. I miss the shoes I could wear before having kids. My feet grew longer (and wider!) with each pregnancy and to date, have not returned to their former size. I fear my size 7.5-8 shoes are a permanent thing of my past. RIP, old shoes. R.I.P. I'd love new shoes for Valentine's Day. I'd love workout shoes too...

Anyway, now that I'm taking the proverbial bull by the horns and trying to regain my shape- and my HEALTH, for that matter, a natural extension of this will be exercise, in one form or another. (My body is screaming in protest even as I type this...). I feel like I almost hate exercise enough that excuses to not do it fall into my lap. Like- my kids are not good sleepers. Its far easier to sleep an extra 20 minutes a day than to set an alarm and try to get up before them. But honestly? I *NEED* to make the time. Some way, some how."