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Happy 2011 and all of our customers and friends.

May the year be full of joy and happiness and be your best one to date! We hope you help you along the way with innovative products, services, and advice to make some of your goals happen!

The NGR / No Gym Required Team

The Secret is in the Beats... I mean Beets...

Extreme athletes are bar none the best sources when it comes to uncovering the best tools to maximize performance. Most of them have made it their life's work to uncover secrets that will give them a sustainable edge. Yes, there are those that cheat and take HGH or steroids or androstenedione but the vast majority of super athletes - especially athletes like ultra marathoners and triathletes rely on more home-spun solutions. The typical cheats just won't work when you're running 130 miles.

The Difference in the Shoes: How different toning shoes work!

Toning shoes have gotten a lot of press in the last year. From great customer and celebrity testimonials (Julie Benz is know to love NGR Shoes) to some harsher reviews from others (ACE Study doesn't like some toning shoes) there has been no lack of attention for the category.

Do toning shoes work?

Why is it so bloody hard to lose weight?

Beat the Scale

I bet some of you have asked yourself this question before. Some people ask and don't really try to do anything about it but some of you really try. For those “Why is it so hard to lose weight?” can become such a huge source of frustration and demotivation. Especially when you’re striving to reach a particular goal and you're dedicated to getting there. Well you’re not alone. There are many of us out there. I am, quite honestly, experiencing the same thing. Urg...

Pickle juice and muscle soreness???

For as long as I can remember, those that are in the know have been drinking pickle juice after they workout. Sounds strange huh. Finishing a killer workout or an intense game and sitting down to a few pickles and some brine. I use to think it was just an excuse to hit the pub but modern research seems to agree with these witch doctors of sports medicine.

Customer Questions about the NGR Men's Limited Edition Shoes

Hey NGR,

I am looking for a new pair of shoes soon to go jogging/running in and workout and would like some more info. The website does not answer my particular questions maybe because maybe they are TOO particular, wanted to know if you can help me out:

1) Is the one model the only men's shoe you have?

Answer: We just launched these so yes, they are the only model we have for now. They are styled like a hybrid golf/workout shoe and have a semi-studded bottom for extra traction. This is to keep them very versatile and multi-usage.

7 Tips to keeping in shape at the office

When we’re at work, we tend to indulge a little more than usual. Mainly, this is with food. We snack on unhealthy things like chips, grab a greasy lunch, and aren’t as careful as we usually would be. Why? Because we’re pressed for time and working hard! Why not “reward” ourselves. As you’re going to notice in these 7 tips for keeping in shape at the office, 4 of them have to do with eating. There is a good reason for that.

Customer Review - NGR SHOES


Received my NGR shoes a couple weeks ago and absolutely love them! I wear them around the house all day, even after I've worked out for the morning. I just wanted to make one comment on sizing of the shoes. I originally ordered a size 7.5, upon your recommendation, since I wear a size 7. However, upon receipt, they still felt short, with my toes touching the tip of the inside of the shoe. I returned the size 7.5, and ordered the size 8, and these fit perfectly.

Mandeville, LA

Health Crisis Continues: Obesity Tops Smoking as #1 Public Enemy

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Just as the Nation is trying to rebuild its healthcare system and hundreds of policy makers scramble to make a viable plan for the future, an incredibly revealing 15 year study conducted by Columbia University and the City College of New York indicates that obesity is now a larger threat to the nation's health than smoking! What does this mean?

Customer Review from Ireland > NGR SHOES

Who would have thought - NGR Shoes got a great review from an Irish customer. A loving husband gives his wife the gift of fitness for 2010! We're glad we can help.

"Happy New Year to you and a big thanks for all your help.
My wife finally got to open one of her presents on Christmas which of course was your NGR runners.

7 Things you can do RIGHT NOW to improve your lifestyle

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1 - Do it now / make it regular: Try to integrate fitness in your every day life and make it part of your routine. If your schedule is busy like mine, you need to learn to exercise where ever you are using your environment! The gym is all around you!


Yes, you can use NGR Shoes to workout however we do not recommend you run with them. NGR Shoes are specifically designed for walking and increasing the resistance of a workout. They can be used on the treadmill and are especially effective when used in conjunction with a stair master routine or jumping rope. However, they should not be used for running as running is very high impact and already puts a lot of strain on the body and joint.

Time for a quick drink? > 944 Magazine

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The summer is hands down my favourite time of the year. Not just because the weather is to die for but also because people are always doing something. BBQ’s at some friend’s house, parties every weekend, events for every organization in the world, picnics with family and friends, concerts, days at the beach, and vacation down south... There is always something going on!

Who doesn’t like to people watch? > 944 Magazine

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It's true. I love people watching. It’s probably my favorite past time. We all think everyone does it once in a while but I think it is actually up there as one of America’s favorite past times. Probably right next to baseball...well, close to it anyway. Certainly if the boys are out looking at the baseball game, the girls are right next to them observing the other fans as much as the players on the field!

So what is people watching and why do we do it?

Get Your Butt in Gear! > Jennifer Cohen for 944

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" Summer's ending, so guess what? It's time to pump it up. A walk to the ice-cream shop and back doesn't exactly count as "exercise," but every little bit does add up. The point is, you can do better! Just because you're tired and it's warm doesn't mean you can lie on the couch all day cougar-style. Get moving, girl!