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I was recently a 42 year old out of shape woman and bought my NGR shoes as a lark, not really thinking these shoes could actually help me but hoping they’d do something. It was honestly as easy as putting them on and using them to do errands. I worried about driving with the weights on but quite simply, just adjusted to it.

They are comfortable even with the weights in - it surprised me how quickly I forgot that my shoes were supposed to be "heavy". Soon, I found myself wondering why my legs and my posterior were sore. I literally wore them all day - bringing my son to his activities, going grocery shopping, walking in the park....

My legs felt stronger and I found myself going up stairs instead of taking the escalator! I received compliments on my bumm - what girl doesn't appreciate a compliment like that once in a while!?

I now own a second pair of NGR's because I really enjoy them and quite frankly, I really liked the black ones! I bought the NGR Travel Gym Bag about a month ago because now that I have great legs and bumm - I want the rest of me to match too! Since I suddenly found myself on this self-improvement thing, I also quit smoking cold turkey and have lost 8 pounds just stretching and walking around! Yes results vary but, for myself, I am just really happy that my NGR helped me kickstart into a healthier lifestyle!

S.H. (Montreal, Canada)


NGR shoes

They are the greatest for getting your legs into shape for skiing!

ISP- Toronto

NGR shoes

They are the greatest for getting your legs into shape for skiing!

Wow! Is this a real story?

Wow! Is this a real story? Incredible.

We post our customer reviews

We post our customer reviews exactly as we receive them so yes, it is 100% genuine! We're just happy we're helping people take the first step (literally) towards making better lifestyle choices. The rest of the results are entirely because of the hard work of our customers!

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