Customer Review and Giveaway > NGR SHOES > 4 lbs lost!

"I have been wearing these shoes daily for the last 3 weeks or so and I LOVE THEM!!!! I couldn’t imagine them actually working as they claimed on the website so I was defiantly a skeptic but since wearing them and actually beginning to see results I am so loving these shoes, they make getting the extra calories burnt during the day even when I don’t get a chance to get to a gym or get my nightly jog super easy and I have already begin seeing results.

Now, normally I would never tell my weight but I’m so thrilled with my results that I will be happy to share my progress!!!! Before I received my NGR Shoes I was holding pretty steady at 172 lbs and that was watching what I ate and jogging around our neighborhood every afternoon, but now since wearing the shoes daily with the heavy midsoles I’m down to 168 lbs, so as you can imagine I’m thrilled!!! I wear them everywhere and during everything I do and I am still watching what I eat and making sure I’m eating healthy foods but the shoes has really helped me burn the extra calories that need to be burnt!!!"

- Stephanie Grant