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"If you like watching TV or going shopping, you have heard that the new fitness craze everyone is talking about is the shoes that are literally walking gyms. I do not know how all of the other types of shoes actually work, but I am here today to tell you about shoes that I am familiar with. These are called NGR or, No Gym Required.

I don't know how carefully you read the text above, but there was one part that says "Helps burn up to 50% more calories". Well - I have a fantastic example of how this is SO true!

When I received my NGR shoes, I was so excited to try them out. However, I wanted to test these babies to make sure that they are legit. Well - at my college we have a trail that I LOVE to walk and run. I decided that the first day I would just do a brisk walk of the trail and wear my heart rate monitor to be aware of where my heart rate was the whole time and let it track how many calories I had burned.
The whole walk without my NGR shoes, my heart rate was at about 40% of my Max Heart Rate [(220-age)*%]. I burned about 200 measly calories on that walk.

The next day, I did the exact same walk at the exact same pace. Since the shoes are weighted, it took more work for me to move my feet around. As I was walking, I checked my Heart Rate. It was at about 65% of my Max Heart Rate. At the end of my walk, I had burned.... over 500 calories!

Although the shoes are weighted, it felt like I was just walking normal on my second walk. I burned a significant more amount of calories on that walk and I hardly felt it! It was fabulous! I am excited that YOU have the opportunity to try out these awesome shoes! One lucky winner will receive their very own NGR shoes! Thank you NGR!!!"

- Angela Hogan

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