Customer Questions about the NGR Men's Limited Edition Shoes

Hey NGR,

I am looking for a new pair of shoes soon to go jogging/running in and workout and would like some more info. The website does not answer my particular questions maybe because maybe they are TOO particular, wanted to know if you can help me out:

1) Is the one model the only men's shoe you have?

Answer: We just launched these so yes, they are the only model we have for now. They are styled like a hybrid golf/workout shoe and have a semi-studded bottom for extra traction. This is to keep them very versatile and multi-usage.

2) I use my shoes mainly for running/jogging and going out and about (no gym workouts really)...wanted to know if the shoe whether it be weighted or not is comparable to the "more well-known" running shoes like New Balance and Asics and are they good walking shoes for going out and about for the day?

Answer: You have to think of NGR Shoes as a second pair of shoes to workout with after or before your run. So when you are out and about, these are the perfect thing to wear. When you go running, I recommend a nice light pair of running shoes. The advantage of using both pairs of shoes is 1) both will last longer, and 2) you're getting a workout even on your down time with NGRs. Hint: You shouldn't wear your running shoes when walking around anyway because the PU sole of the shoe (plastic material it's made with) needs time to spring back after running (ideally a day).

Being a runner myself, I can tell you right away that you want the lightest shoes possible for your runs. No sense in carrying any extra weight there! Work on increasing your running speed instead. NGR Shoes are therefore really not ideal for running but for walking, exercising, or doing a number of power and agility drills / stairs (if you want a more athletic workout) they are ideal. Because running/jogging is so damaging on the body, you should look for a pair of light shoes with the right support for your particular foot. My recommendation is to go to a running specialty store, have them "test" your foot for pronation etc, and recommend something to you. You don't have to buy them there but they will tell you what you need.

3) I try to cover about 7-8 km each time I go running/jogging, are these shoes built for "distance"?

Answer: NGR Shoes are built to last. With proper care and usage they will last as long if not longer than your running shoes. Typically, running shoes have a life of 3-6 months or 500 miles / 800 km so how long they last really depends on how much you end up running. You can get really far in NGRs!

4) What sort of things can you recommend doing with NGR Men's to get the most out of them?

Answer: Really, the sky is the limit. Besides the obvious which are walking, power walking, stairs, biking, and so on, you can use NGR's to focus on agility, burst speed, and power. Think of high school football or basketball drills and think of doing those with NGRs on. High knees and Laterals get that much harder. Burpees and Jumping Jacks are that much harder. Frog Jumps are that much harder. Even Chin Ups are harder. The only caveat is that since NGR Shoes increase the impact, you have to really focus on technique and keeping an athletic position.

5) Besides the website, have you found any any stores to carry it? I figure it would better to be able to try them on and see how they feel.

Answer: We just launched our men's shoes and they are only available in limited edition so they are only available online right now. That being said, we do have a full exchange and return policy if there are any issues so it is a fairly risk free thing to try out. Just don't wear them outside until you decide to keep them!

Thanks for the great questions.
NGR / No Gym Required Team


Men's Shoes

Tried these and they are awesome but man are they heavy. Was not expecting them to be so heavy and so comfortable at the same time!