About NGR™ / No Gym Required™

NGR™ / No Gym Required™ was born at the height of the 2008 Recession and Credit Crunch from the idea that it shouldn't be expensive to get in shape. There are gyms all around us and each of us has a beautiful, healthy, and successful person inside us. Sometimes we just need a little help bringing it out.

We're not saying "don't go to the gym". What we are saying is that you don’t need a gym, an expensive machine, or a personal training to get in shape. You don’t even need complicated programs or to set aside hours a day to improve your health. All you need to improve your lifestyle is a commitment to eat well and spend 15-30 minutes a day being healthy. And for that you can use your body and the environment around you.

NGR™ / No Gym Required™ is, in every sense, about helping you do this. NGR™ / No Gym Required™ is a philosophy, a mantra, a way of thinking and living. Yes we have products and offer services which will help you along the way but that is not what we are about. NGR™ is a lifestyle choice to get in shape: No Gym Required™. If you come to our site and only visit our Fitness Blog, and this helps you workout then we've done our job! If you want to do more, well that's just fine with us.

The best gyms in the world are everywhere around us and the No Gym Required™ mantra is build to help you find them, teach you how to use them, and give you tools to get more out of them. All you need to do is decide.

We look forward to having you take the journey to a better lifestyle with us.

NGR™ / No Gym Required™ Team
Anytime. Anywhere. No Excuses.